Surrogate Hypnosis Healing

Hello! My name is Bernice. Happy you stopped by to explore my services.

A Surrogate Hypnosis Healing session are for those who cannot undergo hypnosis for any reason such as age, someone with a disability, someone who is non-verbal or with a medical condition, or who have difficulty getting answers to their questions in a session. We even have had pets!

The practitioner will guide the surrogate to connect to YOUR Higher Self or Guides to answer your questions and bring forward the necessary healing for your highest and best.

Please know, you do not need to be present. However, accommodations will be made if you desire to join.

We focus on the root cause of any pain, illness, traumas, emotions and thought forms by examining this life or a past life and releasing it with forgiveness to aid you in your journey. We conduct a body scan to clear the chakras, organs and conduct spirit releasement (if needed). We’ve had amazing results!

  • Past Life or Current Life (Recovery of Soul Fragmentation if needed)
  • Speaking with your Higher Self/Sub Conscious
  • Body Scan / Spirit Releasement Therapy

Please know, there are occasions where your higher self and guides will not be able to make any adjustments because you made an agreement to experience your current situation as is.

The session will be held within two weeks once you schedule an appointment. Recording of the session will be emailed to you to listen and experience.

If you have any questions, click here.

There is a surrogate hypnosis playlist in my Youtube page.